Luminos Fusion

Luminos Fusion

The 2-in-1 system that fits your needs and fits your budget Luminos Fusion provides the innovation of 2-in-1 in a system that solves the challenge of
meeting your needs within your budget. In both radiography and fluoroscopy.

Large 43 cm x 43 cm image
With the 43 cm x 43 cm detector, Luminos Fusion provides large images in both radiography and fluoroscopy. Unique Siemens imaging technologies deliver excellent patient coverage with high-quality distortion-free images in radiography and fluoroscopy

Improves safety for patients and staff

Joysticks that are only activated with the touch of a human hand – preventing unintentional system movements. These touch-sensitive joysticks are part of a seamlessly intuitive user interface – keeping you in control.

Easy access
For a more comfortable examination

Excellent access to the patient from all sides, a clean, compact table design and flexible system movement mean faster, easier and safer patient positioning.

Easy positioning
For a faster examination

The 160 cm longitudinal table top movement means you can image your patient from head to toe with the simple touch of a joystick.

Comprehensive dose saving

Lower dose for you and your patients. Combined Applications to Reduce Exposure (CARE) including the unique CAREPOSITION* for radiation-free patient positioning, provide outstanding dose reduction without compromising image quality.

Proven 2-in-1 efficiency
Luminos Fusion is a powerful addition to a broad range of clinical environments. The flexibility and high utilization of the system saves time, space and costs in both radio graphy and fluoroscopy. With the flat detector, images can be reviewed almost instantly, dramatically shortening examination times for you and your patients.

1 customer experience  – A trusted partner in radiography and fluoroscopy
Luminos Fusion is part of a one family platform that is unique to Siemens and combines industry-leading technologies from our high-end systems. With one usability, one digital workflow, one image impression and one service partner. The result is one customer experience, across all radiography and fluoroscopy systems from Siemens.