Siemens Healthineers C-Arm Cios Spin

To provide outstanding 3D capabilities that can be seamlessly integrated into clinical routine, we have developed Cios Spin®: a mobile 2D and 3D C-arm that delivers precise 3D images for intraoperative quality assurance. It features dedicated 3D technologies, allowing you to confirm your planned results – and it’s easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to integrate in your surgical routine.

Cios Spin provides new insights and perspectives that give you more certainty in surgical routine, and full control over your procedures. As a smart solution for modern healthcare businesses, it can help you improve outcomes, reduce operational costs and risks, work efficiently, and boost your institution’s reputation. Cios Spin Cutting-edge mobile 3D imaging for intraoperative quality assurance.


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Siemens Healthineers C-Arm Cios Apha

Cios Alpha® is a high-definition 2D mobile C-arm that is designed to give you certainty in these matters. Thanks to its newly upgraded Retina Imaging Chain for optimal images, its CARE technologies for the right dose in each individual case, and its intelligent power management, it delivers the perfect balance between image quality and dose.

Add to that smart solutions for ease of use, less distractions in workflows, and optimal utilization of your equipment – and you get a mobile C-arm that puts you in charge: Safeguard excellent image quality at the right dose for all patients, fully focus on your case, and grow into more profitable procedures.

Cios Alpha
Cutting-edge mobile imaging for exceptionally small details at the right dose.


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Siemens Healthineers C-Arm Cios Connect

Increase your return on assets with a reliable multifunctional C-arm for everyday surgery – Cios Connect. Scheduling the mobile C-arm for your daily surgical procedures is easy because it conveniently meets your clinical needs: Cios Connect caters for all the relevant surgical disciplines, including ortho/trauma/spine, vascular and general cardiac surgery, pain management, and urology.

Its lightweight design and elaborate features, such as singlehanded steering and brake lever, as well as the intuitive user interface, facilitate system handling and Increase efficiency in your OR. In addition, the imaging
chain with IDEAL (Intelligent Dose Efficiency Algorithm) provides an  outstandingly sharp visualization of anatomical details at low dose. And best of all, this robust C-arm is extremely reliable throughout its entire lifespan.


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Siemens Healthineers C-Arm Cios Select with FD

As the pressures on healthcare providers are increasing worldwide, having to do more with less has become an all-too-known requirement. No wonder then that a growing number of surgeons is asking for more powerful routine imaging equipment. Currently, however, the required technology is only accessible in high-end systems.

This is why we equipped Cios Select® with modern flat-detector technology, combining premium capabilities with an economic system design. The result is a system that offers excellent images, easy handling, and high system availability.


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Siemens Healthineers C-Arm Cios Select

Safeguard the financial sustainability of your clinical institution with smart surgical imaging and service from a single reliable partner ‒ with Cios Select. This robust mobile C-arm is a smart choice in every respect, featuring a lean design, long lifecycle, and low maintenance requirements. Cios Select is grounded in our in-depth expertise in surgical imaging, tailored service offerings, and high quality standards. We monitor your system remotely via the Siemens Remote Service (SRS) platform and provide preventive maintenance, resulting in system availability of 99.8%*. What’s more, with our tightly knit service network, we’re on site – wherever you are around the globe.


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