Siemens Healthineers Mammomat Revelation

There are moments in a woman’s life that have the power to change its future course. In mammography, seeing the difference can make the difference to this future. Your patients put their trust in you – reveal all that matters with the new MAMMOMAT Revelation. Reach the highest depth resolution on the market1 with the unique 50° HD Breast Tomosynthesis – for screening, diagnostic imaging, and 3D HD Breast Biopsy. And expand your diagnostic insights with titanium-filter contrast-enhanced imaging. Leverage precision patient care with Insight BD direct breast density measurement allowing instant risk stratification – before the patient leaves. Discomfort or pain are key reasons for avoiding potentially life-saving mammography exams. MAMMOMAT Revelation is designed to reduce discomfort with Personalized Soft Compression including SoftComp Paddles. And with PRIME you can perform your exam with up to 30% less dose.

Siemens Healthineers is your strong partner and the undisputed leader in imaging with 60 years of experience in breast care. Based on this expertise, MAMMOMAT Revelation is built to enhance diagnostic quality, process efficiency, and your patient’s experience.


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Siemens Healthineers Mammomat Inspiration

Mammography screening entails examining thousands of healthy women. So keeping dose as low as possible is extremely important and high image quality is the key to detecting the smallest detail. MAMMOMAT Inspiration results in up to 30% less dose1, without compromising image quality.

At the same time patient experience should also stay in focus. We develop breast care solutions that give patients optimal care. To produce the best imaging results, it is key that the patient feels at ease during the examination. Providing women with a calming atmosphere during mammography screening can help women relax, ensuring a smooth examination. Help to enhance your institution’s reputation by providing a better mammography experience for patients and become the institution of choice by providing standardsetting low-dose mammography system for your patients.


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Siemens Healthineers Mammomat Fusion

MAMMOMAT Fusion is a premium mammography system made to enhance everyday screening and diagnostics. The refined, automated workflow performs complex tasks at the click of a button. With its remarkably robust detector, low operating costs, and high patient throughput, it helps you get your money’s worth.


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Siemens Healthineers Mammomat Select

MAMMOMAT Select is a system that is the outcome of more than 30 years of expertise in analog mammography.
Enhanced with smart features for ease of use, the right dose and low total costs of ownership, it will help you give more women access to high-quality mammography.

In short, with MAMMOMAT Select, you are able to offer more women worldwide access to mammography in keeping the required standard of care.


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