B.Braun Bicarbonate Cartridge

Solcart B bicarbonate cartridges are used with the Dialog+ Hemodialysis System as a practical alternative to liquid alkaline bicarbonate or bicarbonate powder that needs to be mixed.

• Lightweight
• Mesh filter is easy to pierce
• Convenient to store
Available in 650g, 760g and 1100g sizes reduce hemolysis


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B.Braun Bloodlines

Effective Treatment
Our bloodlines are designed by experts in the field for optimal performance with our machines, for your long-term care and quality of life.

Increase Safety
Safety features in combination with our B. Braun dialysis machines:
· The safety air detector is designed to prevent air embolism
· Drip chambers are designed to reduce hemolysis

We provide a DEHP-free portfolio, offering additional safety for patients.

All contacting materials are tested to ensure biocompatibility.


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B.Braun Dialyzer

The Diacap Pro and Xevonta dialyzers offer a broad range of high-quality dialyzers for individual treatment needs.

Inspired  by Science
By developing membranes  in the dialyzers which fulfill the outcomes required during treatment, namely small- and middle-molecule clearance and albumin retention.


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B.Braun Double Lumen-Catheter

The Haemocat ® Signo is a temporary double-lumen catheter for Extracorporeal Blood Treatments* and specifically designed for use in acute dialysis. The catheter is positioned by means of the established Seldinger technique in the jugular, subclavian or femoral vein.

The outstanding advantage of the Haemocat® Signo is the quick and simple control of the catheter’s position at the site of insertion using the arterial ECG lead. This simultaneous and efficient catheter positioning technique eliminates the need for any additional X-ray monitoring or any awkward repositioning of the patient.


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B.Braun Fistula Needles

B. Braun‘s dialysis system offers components that are perfectly adapted one to another, allowing an effective and patient-friendly dialysis treatment.Safe and gentle vascular access is an important criterion for users and patients in terms of convenient and efficient dialysis treatment.
Using the optimum cannulation procedure, Diacan Pro causes minimal trauma to the access site, due to its precise two-phase facet profile.


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